Fostering Interest and Readiness for IT careers.

From across Northeast Ohio, teachers, faculty, academic advisors, career counselors and experiential learning staff like you find ways to inform and engage students about and in IT, tech, and computer science programs. Through RITE, you can learn about IT programs and resources to help your students navigate their way to meaningful, well-paying careers in IT. These programs build interest, skills, knowledge, and the connections necessary to pursue IT careers.

Rewarding Highly Engaged Teachers

For those teachers who foster interest and readiness for IT careers, RITE provides special rewards. In this IT career loyalty program, teachers earn rewards and premier status for their schools when they engage their students in a qualified activity offered by RITE or its partners. Learn more.

Recognizing Excellence

Through the Teacher Rewards program and the annual Best of Tech program, RITE recognizes educators for their efforts to develop and support students on their IT education and career pathway journeys. The IT Educator of the Year program recognizes a broad category of individuals at the postsecondary level and was established in 2018. Recipients of this award reflect “educators” in several categories whether they are faculty or teachers demonstrate impact on student success in the classroom, facilitating experiential learning opportunities like internships and co-ops, continually aligning courses and curriculum to the dynamic needs of employers, connecting their programs to what is happening in K-12 or helping students become well-rounded candidates with strong technical skills and professionalism and soft skills. No matter their role, this broad group of influencers are integral in our efforts to accelerate the development of a diverse, skilled tech talent pipeline. IT Educators of the Year – 2021


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To engage your high school students in RITE programs, contact Jamie Cole at [email protected].

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