RITE’s tech talent programming helps students and job seekers in their understanding, exploration and navigation of IT education and career pathways. Our FREE programs provide the knowledge, experiences and connections necessary to pursue a career in IT. Students, recent graduates and job seekers learn about the availability, advantages and requirements of IT careers, as well as the skills and competencies needed for IT jobs today and in the future.


  • 12th Annual CoolTech Challenge and Showcase
    CoolTech involves teams of rising 9th through 12th graders in a school to school competition for the most unique and impactful mobile app, mobile ready website/website or a concept for either which solves a community, school or business problem. Winning teams receive scholarship money and gift cards. All participants will have the opportunity to showcase their project to IT business leaders and professionals at the CoolTech Showcase. Learn More
  • Linking Talent to Opportunity
    The Linking Talent to Opportunity program offers Northeast Ohio’s students, recent graduates, and job seekers an opportunity to connect with the region’s leading IT employers to explore jobs and career opportunities.
  • IT in Action
    IT in Action is a daylong workshop for Lorain County high school students organized by The Lorain County RITE Council. The event includes an industry keynote speaker, hands-on workshops taught by college professors, an opportunity to network with young professionals in IT career pathways over lunch and allows students to learn more about educational and career pathways in IT in Northeast Ohio.
  • High School Technology Summer Camps in partnership with TECH CORPS: June & July 2020 (Tentative)
    These camps provide a real-world technology experience that puts students in the role of creating and designing with technology—not just using and consuming it. In addition to developing in-demand technical and 21st-century skills, the students in these camps (twenty at each location) are also exposed to professionals from Northeast Ohio companies and experience a college campus and learn about local educational options. Learn More
  • Passport to IT Careers
    A one-day intensive IT career expo for high school students. Students can interact with professionals from a wide array of companies, colleges and universities to learn about IT careers, regional educational options and local employer opportunities. Learn More
  • RSVP (RITE Site Visit Program)
    Take your class or student groups to visit behind-the-scenes at a regional employer to learn first-hand what it is like to work as an IT professional at that company. Visits offered will feature IT employers across a range of industry sectors. Depending on the company, site visits generally include presentations, tours, demonstrations, and lunch where students, faculty and company reps can sit together and converse about IT careers. Learn More
  • Explore IT
    A resource booklet that contains information to help students learn about IT as a possible career path. The booklet explains Information Technology and addresses questions about IT jobs and how to prepare oneself.


RITE recognizes the profound impact teachers can have on students’ education and career choices. Through RITE’s IT career exploration and education programs, teachers learn about IT career pathways and impart to their students what they need to know to choose a career in IT. Each year, RITE recognizes enterprising teachers and offer rewards to those who engage their students in RITE and other high-quality programs.

RITE Rewards: Help Earn Premier Status for Your School
From across the region, teachers like you are finding ways to engage students in IT and Computer Science programs that help demystify IT as a career. These programs build interest, skills, knowledge, experiences, and connections necessary to pursue IT careers. Through RITE Rewards, RITE provides special recognition and resources to highly engaged teachers. Teachers who promote, support, and engage their students in multiple IT career awareness, exploration and immersive skills-based programs offered by RITE and its partners earn this distinction. Reward winners and their schools receive recognition on RITE’s website and at the annual Passport to IT Careers and earn cash prizes, early registration opportunities and unique engagement opportunities with IT business leaders and industry professionals.

Think of it as an IT career loyalty program. Each time you engage your students in a qualified activity, you earn credit towards rewards for you, your classroom and your school. Teachers qualify by enrolling their students in RITE and other program offerings and completing a simple year-end profile of engagement. This annual program kicks off in October 2019 at the 8th Annual Passport to IT Careers.

Regional CS & IT Educator Meet Ups
As NEO’s regional IT workforce alliance, RITE collaborates with partners to bring information and engagement opportunities to the region’s high school teachers. Meet Ups are quarterly and are hosted by various partners and rotated at venues across the region. Meet Ups are held at 5 pm – 7:30 pm.

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A summary of the Northeast Ohio’s regional portfolio of IT talent development programming that includes programs and competitions, curriculum and professional development, networking opportunities, and fairs and expos.

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