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Discover IT Information Scramble

Learn about the broad field of IT.

How much do you know about the advantages and requirements of a career in IT? Or, about the endless opportunities IT has to offer? If you want to learn about the field of IT – while having fun with your fellow students – don’t miss the Discover IT Information Scramble.

The Discover IT Scramble is a competition between high school classes under the leadership of your teacher. In this program, you team up with your fellow high school students to see how many questions about IT Careers you can answer. There are 100 questions, and you can find the answers in the “Discover IT” section of www.ohiorite.com. Your team has 45 minutes to answer the questions collectively. When the timer hits the 45-minute mark, your entry form closes and is submitted. The school team that provides the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins a cash prize!

The competition allows one submitted entry form per school class. Teachers can register multiple classes.

Winner of 2021 Discover IT Information Scramble

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