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Host a RITE Site Visit for Local High School Students

As technology advances, the future of tech talent will grow increasingly scarce compared to workforce demands. You can put your company in front of local high school students, who are interested in tech, and help bridge that gap.A RITE Site Visit is a half-day field trip for high school students interested in technology to visit a local company to learn about their business and various career opportunities, while networking with professionals.

Site Visit Sample Agenda (9:30AM-12:30PM)

9:30-10:00 | Company Presentation

10-10:30 | Tour of Company

10:30-11:30 | Select from the following options:

Hands-on activity
Technology demonstration
Tech talk given by employee
Panel discussion of IT professionals representing various functions with Q&A

11:30-12:30 | Networking lunch with employees & students

How Do I Sign Up?

Register for a Site Visit

RITE is seeking companies willing to host site visits during May 2018 and Fall 2018.  To confirm and schedule your company’s participation, contact Anu Yadavalli via



Company Sign Up Form

A group of students touring a data center

Lincoln West students visit a data center at BlueBridge Networks

“Engaging early and often with students helps them make informed education and career choices. Site visits help spark enthusiasm and interest for careers in Information Technology. Students are afforded a real life slice of the Digital Age and its transformation when they visit our companies. These visits help them understand the variety of roles they could pursue.   We know from experience that past site visits have altered the lives of many participants in positive ways from the amazing feedback we receive about next steps they took in their career path as a direct result of the same. ”

— Kevin Goodman, Managing Director, Partner, BlueBridge Networks

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