Local employers and their projected needs drive RITE programs, projects and priorities.

RITE mobilizes IT employers to influence the development of a diverse, industry-responsive workforce through a proven engagement model for employer leadership, involvement, and investment. RITE brings employers together with educators and system stakeholders to develop short-term hiring solutions and to build a long-term talent pipeline.

Our employer partners include a wide range of companies across all industries, sizes, public and private. Since RITE’s inception in 2009, over 100 companies and more than 350 industry leaders and professionals are working together to make an impact.

RITE brings value to employers by:

  • Improving employee recruitment and retention through innovative workforce strategies.
  • Creating a single, powerful voice to influence education and training of IT talent.
  • Connecting IT jobs and career pathways to women and other underrepresented populations.
  • Increasing employer attractiveness by promoting Northeast Ohio as a highly desirable location for IT careers.

Achieving the shared regional vision for a diverse, industry responsive workforce is dependent on employer engagement and investment.  By partnering with RITE, employers can:

  • Impact one of the most important parts of your value chain – the next generation IT talent.
  • Direct more Northeast Ohio students into good paying jobs in growth careers.
  • Grow student (and future employee) awareness for your company as a great place to work.
  • Support the retention of high-quality talent in the region.

Opportunities for employers to become engaged include:

  • Site Visits (RSVP): Brings students from local high schools, colleges and universities around the region for a behind-the-scenes visit at your company
  • Leadership: RITE’s Regional Leadership Board oversees strategy and execution as well as the performance dashboard for the IT talent development system improvements and outcomes
  • HR IT Roundtable: IT recruiter and talent acquisition specialists from leading companies working together to solve talent shortages
  • ProCorps: Meaningful volunteer opportunities for IT professionals to share their passion for IT with educators, students and jobseekers
  • Sponsorships: Investing in your company’s growth and success by helping to accelerate the development of a quality pipeline of IT talent

Whether your company is in the business of technology or uses technology to drive your business, you too can help build, diversify and expand the talent pool for software developers, systems analysts, and data scientists.

To learn more, contact Dean Trilling at dtrilling@OhioRITE.com

“Collaboration will be key to creating economic opportunity for youth and adult workers, to strengthening competitiveness of our businesses, and to spurring economic growth and prosperity for all.” 

–Building Ohio’s Future Workforce, December 2016