Why is IT Important?


Computers control our phones, homes, automobiles, busses, and televisions.

Vaccine creation, analysis, and distribution depend on information technology.

A watch measures our heart rate and reports it to our phones, often a central database.

Computer-controlled robotics pick, pack and ship our online orders.

Software and controls allow a car to park itself without your help.

Just about every business process is enabled by information technology automation.

Companies of all sizes, whether for-profit or nonprofit, depend on IT. Most companies utilize IT to operate while others invent, deliver, and implement the hardware, software, and devices that makeup IT solutions, in addition to using IT themselves to operate.

IT Roles and Opportunities

Nearly all businesses in all industries use IT to operate, serve customers, and manage finances and staff. Some are in the business of creating IT solutions and selling them. They too, must use IT to run their businesses.

IT roles fall into several categories or functions and offer endless opportunities.

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