Earn, Learn and Grow


Combine your classroom learning with on-the-job training.

No matter where you are on your educational journey, there are several ways to put your skills and knowledge to work.


Internships offer a chance to apply what you have been studying to a professional setting. Through an internship, you can learn how a company works, get your foot in the door, showcase your talent and gain inside experience that places you high on the candidate list. Many companies fill entry-level jobs with successful interns. Learn how you can open the door to your career with a successful internship.


Co-ops (Cooperative Education) combine classroom coursework with full-time paid employment so you can gain relevant work experience. You will earn school credit at the end of a successful co-op, which will be part of your overall degree or certificate program. With a positive work experience, you can become a strong candidate for hire. Learn more about how co-ops can move you forward in your career.


Apprenticeships allow you to earn a paycheck while you learn a skill or trade. During an apprenticeship, an expert worker will train you on-the-job. You will also participate in classroom instruction that pertains to your career. Once you complete the program, you will receive a nationally recognized certificate. Learn more about how you can earn while you learn.

Project-based learning

Project-based learning (PBL) is a dynamic classroom approach that actively engages students in projects that solve real-world problems or answer complex questions. As a result, you will develop deep content knowledge and critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills. Project-based learning includes competitions such as the CoolTech Challenge and capstones, the culminating project at the end of your course of study.

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