IT Roles & Functional Areas


Design. Implement, and operate tools and processes that protect data, software, and hardware assets across the enterprise from theft, damage, and corruption.

Relevant Roles:

  • Cybersecurity Engineer**
  • Cybersecurity Architect**
  • Junior Cybersecurity Analyst / Security Administrator**
  • Cybersecurity Analyst / Security Administrator**
  • Senior Cybersecurity Analyst**
  • Risk / Compliance Analyst aka Ethical Hacker**
  • Forensics Analyst**
  • Cybersecurity Manager**

** Key Emerging Roles

Relevant Skills:

  • Cyber and cryptography techniques
  • Intrusion detection and vulnerability testing and prevention techniques
  • Application security
  • Coding – Java, C/C++
  • Scripting languages (PHP, Python, Perl, etc.)


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