What is Your Passion?

It is not just for techies

People enter the field without any idea that their passions would allow them to enjoy a career in IT. They had to learn about what IT means and what kinds of jobs they might enjoy.

But how do you know which roles are right for you? Consider the following entry points based on what you like to do:

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↓ What I Like To Do Computer Hardware Programmable Devices Business Management & Financial Control Analytics Website & User Interfaces Software Languages & Coding
Do you like to work with computer hardware & devices?
Are you interested in cool devices such as drones, weather sensors or self-driving vehicles?
Do you like to try new technologies and see if they work?
Do you like to learn about business processes and find ways to improve them?
Do you like to investigate data and find hidden facts and trends?
Do you like to crack codes, play games or solve mysteries?
Do you like math and analysis?
Are you artistic, creative, graphical?
Do you like to learn languages?
Are you interested in ways to use IT to treat and cure patients?
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