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Interesting facts about career opportunities in software development:

  • Software is at the core of all information technology solutions – whether enabling business processes, controlling self-driving cars, monitoring moon land rovers, monitoring weather or reporting data and performance, software is required to deliver those solutions.
  • There are over 5,000 job postings for Software Developers each year. This represents 20% to 25% of all demand for IT professionals with median salaries from $57,000 to over $125,000, depending on the type of software being developed.
  • Software developer opportunities are expected to continue to grow in Northeast Ohio by 10% through 2024.
  • Software developers can focus on general back-end processes, front-end website applications, specialize in sensor technology (Internet of Things – IoT), mobile applications, and the full range of applications by being full stack developers.
  • A strong foundation in software development positions IT professionals to move up the IT ladder and across any of the various IT job categories such as Computing and Network Operations, Cybersecurity and Data Management, among others.
  • While two and four-year degrees are historically preferred, employers are opening up to candidates with high school coupled with industry-recognized certifications such as COMPTIA ITF+, google cloud, AWS, IBM, VMWare, Python, C#, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other software platform and development tools.
  • Internships and other IT experience is a strong advantage to entering all aspects of IT – with even just a high school certificate, candidates can learn to code through boot camps and other programs to gain important experience and credentials.
  • A wide range of educational opportunities are ready to help potential candidates develop and grow their technical skills. Education and credentials are available from public and private institutions and entities. Funding may be possible through governmental and private sources.
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