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Help Desk / Desktop Technical Support Careers

Interesting facts about career opportunities in Help Desk / Desktop Technical Support:

  • Nearly every use of IT requires software, hardware, devices, and knowledge. At some point, all users need help installing new desktop devices, fixing problems, explaining how to use IT solutions, coaching users through the learning of new solutions and other needs – that is the job of help desk, desktop technical support IT and similar roles.
  • The role of the help desk and desktop technical support professional can involve working in a centralized support center communicating by phone, email or text, working out with users at their desks, and most often a combination of both.
  • Help Desk / Desktop Technical Support opportunities are in strong demand and these jobs offer great entry-level opportunities, often requiring no more than a high school certificate.
  • Median salaries range from $31,000 to over $60,000.
  • High school programs and internships can prepare people for entry-level customer service and desktop technical support roles.
  • Entering a career in IT in help desk and desktop technical support roles provides a strong foundation of knowledge, along with additional training and certifications, to enable movement up the ladder of IT jobs in Computing and Network Operations. With additional training, Software Development, Cybersecurity and Data Management positions become available.
  • Industry recognized certifications such as COMPTIA ITF+, COMPTIA A+, ITIL Foundation, COMPTIA Network +, COMPTIA Security +, and various Microsoft and CISCO certifications help position candidates for jobs in this area as well as advancement.
  • Internships, particularly high school internships, and other IT experience provide excellent learning opportunities for entry into this area of IT and often provide and pay for the certifications described above.
  • A wide range of educational opportunities are ready to help potential candidates develop and grow their technical skills. Education and credentials are available from public and private institutions and entities. Funding may be possible through governmental and private sources.
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