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Cybersecurity Careers

Interesting facts about career opportunities in cybersecurity:

  • Over 7,000 job openings for cybersecurity workers were posted last year.
  • The need for well-trained workers continues to grow as businesses rely more and more on digital technologies.
  • Every company of every size needs workers who understand cybersecurity.
  • While many cybersecurity professionals work in IT departments, they can also be found in other areas, especially in finance and legal departments.
  • Companies that make products—from websites to wireless earbuds to cars—all need cybersecurity professionals as part of their product design teams.
  • Cybersecurity careers include computer science and electrical engineering, data science and analytics, business and finance, intelligence and national security studies, law, and the social sciences.
  • Starting salaries vary by the type of position and often range between $75,000 – $95,000.
  • In addition to degrees in cybersecurity, universities are incorporating cybersecurity into traditional majors such as computer science, business and marketing. There are also a number of self-learning opportunities.
  • Internships and other work experiences are important for getting started in cybersecurity.

The Northeast Ohio CyberConsortium (NEOCC) helps companies better protect themselves through collaborative cybersecurity defense and promotes the cybersecurity profession for the entire community. More information on NEOCC can be found at

A great resource for teachers and students is the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center, found at

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