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Business Intelligence and Analytics Careers

Interesting facts about career opportunities in Business Intelligence and Analytics:

  • It’s all about the data – every business and organization that uses information technology creates, collects, stores and uses data. Success depends on using that data to make decisions and understand performance, opportunities for improvement, and new ways to deliver products and services.
  • Opportunities in Business Intelligence and Analytics are growing rapidly as the focus on storing, securing, and using data and turning data into insights is skyrocketing – this is one of the fastest-growing areas of IT.
  • A career in Business Intelligence and Analytics provides a wide range of opportunity – from a Data Analyst, who helps store, organize and review data, and generate reports to the role of Data Scientist, who uses data and analytics to build predictive math-based models that can be used to test and prove out new policies, methods, products and services.
  • Median Salaries range from the mid $50,000 to mid $120,000 annually, and experienced professionals are in strong demand.
  • A wide range of industry credentials are available that prepare candidates for the knowledge needed to manage, organize, analyze, and exploit data.
  • Most Business Intelligence and Analytics roles require two or four-year post-secondary degrees but programs are widely available across most public and private institutions, with some offering full degrees in Analytics / Data Science.
  • IT Professionals who understand how to use data and analytics are particularly mobile within and outside organizations, given their sought-after skills.
Beck BaileyBusiness Intelligence and Analytics Careers