Careers in IT

Careers in IT Offer Many Benefits

If you love technology and you want a career with high pay in a recession-proof industry, you’re in luck. Careers in IT offer all that and more.

High Pay and Job Security

IT jobs offer competitive salaries, hold promise for future employment, and provide career advancement opportunities. These jobs also pay far more than the median wage for all occupations – $35 per hour, or $73,000 per year.

Meaningful and Impactful Work

IT professionals develop cutting-edge products and solutions that help save lives, solve health problems, improve the environment, and keep the world connected.

Across All Kinds of Companies and Industries

Organizations of all kinds and sizes in all kinds of industries need IT professionals. IT is a critical function that supports operations and a strategy for growing competitive advantage. An IT career gives you the flexibility to move from one industry to another while leveraging the skills you’ve built.

A Diverse Array of Jobs

If you want to join the IT industry, you have many options. In fact, based on current job market data, there are close to 40 occupations in IT today.

There is no singular definition of an IT job. There are many roles one can hold within IT.

As an IT professional, you can thrive and grow within a company or move to other companies, staying within one set of IT roles. You can also move to different roles or positions of more responsibility.

An Everchanging Field

Few fields evolve more rapidly than Information Technology. No matter what role in IT you choose, all employers agree that the most successful IT workers are those who seek exciting opportunities to continually learn and apply the tools of information technology to solve business and life needs. The fact that IT is constantly evolving and new technologies continually emerge offers limitless opportunities.

If you find a career in IT appealing, you can start preparing now.

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