Workforce Connect IT

An Opportunity for Northeast Ohio

Regional companies are increasing investments in information technology, and there is a strong demand for IT employees that far exceeds the currently available talent pipeline. While this is a significant challenge for employers, it can be an outstanding opportunity for our region. In addressing the tech talent gap, we can bolster the regional economy AND advance economic inclusion.

Introducing the Workforce Connect IT Sector Partnership

As the intermediary for the Workforce Connect IT Sector Partnership, the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) is working to bring together key regional leaders and facilitate responsive tech talent solutions.

The employer-led Leadership Team consists of fifteen businesses across multiple industries, including finance, manufacturing, insurance, technology services, and software development. It encompasses large and small businesses, with its representatives being 46% diverse in terms of race and gender.

The Leadership Team developed the Vision, Mission, and Critical Imperatives for the IT Sector Partnership, which will serve as the governance foundation to achieving its goals.

Our Vision

Cuyahoga County is a premiere community that provides equitable success, inclusive of our diverse populations, for engaged IT talent to power a thriving regional economy.

Our Mission

Develop a coordinated IT workforce ecosystem in Cuyahoga County that contributes to an equitable, growing, and vibrant economy with thriving businesses, families, workers, and communities.

Our Critical Imperatives

  • Address the critical shortage of IT talent for employers.
  • Achieve targeted diversity (race and gender) objectives.
  • Implement clear and actionable IT career pathways with family-sustaining wages for job seekers in Cuyahoga County.
  • Create and enable economic growth.
  • Provide new and equitable access to development and employment opportunities.
  • Implement actions to alleviate inequitable economic outcomes by race and gender.

Our Impact

The IT Sector Partnership in Cuyahoga County will create the infrastructure for IT workforce development activities that will:

  • Support the alignment of effort and investment.
  • Maximize the impact of the available public and private resources.
  • Provide clear and accessible avenues for the involvement of all partners and stakeholders.
  • Ensure that workforce initiatives address industry needs in a targeted and strategic manner.

The Workforce Connect IT Sector Partnership is funded by the Workforce Connect Funders Group. Through their support, we can propel transformational and sustainable change to build more onramps to education and employment pathways into IT careers for students and job seekers while meeting employer demands for diverse and skilled talent.

For more information, contact Craig Platt, Managing Director, IT Sector Partnership, at [email protected]

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