What We Know

To enhance Northeast Ohio’s economic vitality and competitiveness, the region’s employers must have access to a highly skilled industry-responsive IT workforce that will drive the innovation economy. Achieving this vision requires authentic transformation of the region’s IT education and workforce system, which includes a set of interventions along the education to employment pipeline, a long-view, and systems-perspective, and accountability.

Local employers and their projected needs drive all of RITE’s work. RITE is addressing Northeast Ohio’s economic imperative to build a diverse, highly skilled IT workforce by narrowing the gap between education and the IT job skills employers need.

To keep current with IT workforce domain data and to ensure our own programming is aligned to industry demand, RITE regularly collects and reviews data and applicable reports. As the leading Industry Workforce Alliance in Northeast Ohio focused exclusively on IT, we make this information readily available to all of our stakeholders, as well as the broader regional IT talent ecosystem.

If you have information to share to help deepen the region’s collective understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to building the IT workforce in Northeast Ohio, please contact Courtney DeOreo via email cdeoreo@OhioRITE.com.

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