Vision and Mission

Who We Are, What We Do, and Why

Our Vision

RITE’s vision – shared a with our fast-growing network – is Northeast Ohio as the home of a diverse, highly skilled, industry-responsive IT workforce that is an economic driver to growth, competitiveness, and prosperity.

Our Mission

RITE accelerates the development of a diverse, skilled IT workforce by mobilizing employers, optimizing regional efforts and delivering programming.

Our Purpose

RITE, the leading industry-driven IT workforce alliance in Northeast Ohio and the tech talent arm of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP), is dedicated to building a diverse, highly skilled IT talent pipeline needed by Northeast Ohio employers.

As the unifying force for IT talent development in the region, we provide a sustainable structure for industry, education, workforce and economic development to work together to advance employer-driven education and workforce strategies.

Our Work

RITE accelerates the development of a quality IT talent pipeline by:

  • Mobilizing employers – leadership, involvement, and support – to influence IT talent development.
  • Optimizing regional efforts through collaboration, performance accountability and shared resources.
  • Delivering programming that builds the interest, skills, knowledge, experience and connections students and job seekers need to pursue IT Careers in Northeast Ohio.

Our Impact

RITE champions a regional vision of a diverse, industry-responsive IT talent pool that is an economic driver to growth, competitiveness, and prosperity for Northeast Ohio through:

  • Expanding career pathways for students and job seekers.
  • Creating innovative solutions to pervasive workforce shortages.
  • Linking and leveraging the region’s assets and resources.
  • Reporting meaningful results and trends.
  • Building the region’s capacity for collaboration and joint funding initiatives.
  • Strengthening long-standing partnerships between employers, educators, economic and workforce development practitioners.
  • Generating higher returns from investments in IT workforce and talent development.

Since our inception in 2009, RITE has engaged more than 130 regional employers, 46 strategic and program partners that include eight institutions of higher education, and 209 high schools – impacting nearly 7,000 students across the region.

In 2019, RITE became a part of the Greater Cleveland Partnership (GCP) to leverage current programming and gain synergies toward a shared vision of addressing Northeast Ohio’s IT workforce challenges as an economic imperative. This integrated structure provides a platform to channel industry leadership and engagement, better connect employers to talent solutions and more aggressively address the region’s most critical talent gaps. Learn more

GCP RITE Unique Model – Intermediary + Programs


Serving as Northeast Ohio’s IT Workforce Alliance.

  • Industry Leadership Model
  • Regional Network & Educators Consortium
  • Northeast Ohio IT Talent Dashboard
  • RITE Summit
  • Strategic Labor Market Insights
  • Program Portfolio Development
  • Shared Marketing, Promotions and Communications
  • Joint Funding Initiatives


Building the interest, knowledge, and connections to pursue IT careers in Northeast Ohio.

For Students and Jobseekers

  • IT Career Conversations
  • Tech Camps
  • RITE Site Visit Program
  • Linking Talent to Opportunity
  • RITE Steps to an IT Career
  • Passport to IT Careers
  • CoolTech Challenge & Showcase

For Educators

  • Teacher Rewards
  • IT Educator of the Year
    (Best of Tech)
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