Strategic Framework

Today’s IT employers require a diverse and growing talent pool with skills, knowledge and perspectives that will drive the innovation economy. To enhance the Northeast Ohio’s economic vitality and competitiveness, the region’s employers must have access to a highly skilled industry-responsive IT workforce. Interventions are needed along the entire pipeline of the education to employment continuum to achieve this vision.  In service, RITE deploys its unique systems approach and regional model to attract, prepare and place IT talent through proven employer engagement and industry leadership, cross-sector collaboration, and programming designed to respond to employer needs.

RITE provides a platform for collective action and investment for the region’s educational, workforce and economic-development, and youth development organizations to work more effectively on their own and together. Leveraging its position as Northeast Ohio’s premier IT industry-led workforce alliance, RITE galvanizes employers, educators and workforce development practitioners around a more unified approach to improving the performance of the regional IT talent development system.

The shared goal is for the system to increase the numbers and qualifications of Northeast Ohio’s high school, college and university graduates and job-seekers so regional employers can fill the demand for IT workers needed now and in the future.

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