Defining Our Future

Tracking Our Shared Performance

  1. Source TeamNEO – Aligning Opportunities Report 2020 – Baseline 2018
  2. Source GCP Diversity and Inclusion Survey 2021
  3. Internship, co-op and apprenticeship programs completed at local employers
  4. Hired from local employer internship, co-op and apprenticeship programs

RITE’s Regional Leadership Board, in partnership with various GCP key stakeholders, including ConxusNEO, Lorain County Community College, and TeamNEO have endorsed a top-level set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for the regional IT talent development system. The data behind the baseline values for these KPI’s, reflected in the Regional IT Talent Development Performance Dashboard shown here, were collected from two major sources; 1) TeamNEO’s regional economic development data initiatives, and 2) a set of 60 regional employers who confidentially responded to GCP’s Diversity and Inclusion 2021 Survey, now referred to as the NEO60.

While portions of the dashboard will continue to be sourced from TeamNEO, we intend to gather periodic updates from the NEO60 employers to measure improvements in:

  • Hiring of locally educated IT candidates into local IT jobs
  • Completions of IT internships and co-ops by local candidates
  • Hiring of local intern and co-op graduates into local IT jobs

If you as an employer wish to participate in the GCP Diversity and Inclusion Survey, please provide this information confidentially by completing this Interest Form for NEO 50.

Making an Impact

RITE’s Shaping the Future 2017 Strategic Plan called for greater performance accountability in closing the IT talent gap in Northeast Ohio. We need to know – definitively – that our regional IT workforce development efforts are making an impact on increasing the numbers and qualifications of Northeast Ohio’s IT students and job seekers to feed our region’s employers current and future demand for skilled and diverse IT workers.

Setting and Measuring Progress Against Improvement Goals

Our goal is to track our shared performance against these indicators and a specific set of targets. We are organizing and convening various stakeholders to collectively set and commit to near and longer term targets for improvements for each of the KPI’s in the performance dashboard.

We can significantly close the gaps between today’s baselines and our goals through collective action, the results of which will be explicitly measured and publicly published.