Foster innovative initiatives that help accelerate a diverse, highly-skilled and robust IT workforce for Northeast Ohio.

Your sponsorship will help RITE deliver programs that inspire students to pursue a career in IT. Programs such as Passport to IT Careers, where students interact with employers, colleges and universities to learn about IT careers. And the CoolTech Challenge, where students compete to develop unique concepts for fully functional websites or mobile apps that solve a community, school or business problem. Or resources like Explore IT, the best single source of information for all things related to IT talent in Northeast Ohio.

By sponsoring RITE, you will impact the next generation of IT talent by:

  • Directing more students into good-paying jobs in growth careers.
  • Creating opportunities for underserved/underrepresented populations.
  • Supporting the retention of home-grown talent.

A GCP RITE sponsorship is a critical investment you can make to address the IT talent shortages in Northeast Ohio. Your sponsorship can also connect your company to early talent, provide meaningful community engagement for your IT teams, and showcase your brand as a
leading IT employer.

Learn more about the RITE programs available for sponsorship and the various sponsorship levels.

For more information, contact Courtney DeOreo at [email protected] or Paul Federico at [email protected].