Sector Partnerships

Sector Partnerships

An Opportunity for Northeast Ohio

Regional companies are increasing investments in information technology, and there is a strong demand for IT employees that far exceeds the currently available talent pipeline. Sector Partnerships are effective vehicles for creating reliable IT talent pipelines and reducing barriers to employment and career advancement for workers and job seekers.

A Sector Partnership is defined as a collaboration of regional employers from a particular industry who convene regularly with workforce providers to focus on strategies for responding to their common workforce issues and needs. By convening employers and collaborating with our regions vast wealth of workforce serving nonprofits, education providers and public stakeholders, GCP is working to build sector-based strategies that meet the needs of our regions employers while ensuring that jobseekers are connected to training and career pathways that build sustainable wealth.

Currently, we have several sector partnerships throughout the region focused on information technology. GCP RITE serves as the intermediary for Workforce Connect IT and collaborates with ConxusNEO on their Tech Sector Partnership to drive synergies and greater impact.

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