Help bring careers to life for students and job seekers in Northeast Ohio.
Want to share your knowledge and experience to help students and job seekers envision a successful future?

We need professionals representing various industries, backgrounds, educational levels, and employers to engage in our talent programs that increase career awareness, education, interest and readiness.

Join our professional corps of volunteers known as ProCorps and connect to initiatives that build the talent pipeline in Northeast Ohio. ProCorps provides you with an organized community engagement process to keep you active and interested.

You can sign up quickly by completing the online form. We will be in touch with you soon to get things started.

To learn more, contact Angela Finding at [email protected]

The facts are clear: promoting and providing employees with meaningful volunteer opportunities helps to attract top talent; engage, develop, and retain employees; boost public image; and improve the bottom line.

Huffington Post: Why Volunteering Is Good for your Business