About RITE

Our Purpose

RITE is the leading industry-driven IT workforce alliance in Northeast Ohio. RITE serves as the unifying force and platform for collective action among employers, educators and economic / workforce development. Established in 2009, RITE is dedicated to building a diverse, industry-responsive IT talent pipeline that will enhance the region’s economic vitality and competitiveness.

Our Strategy

RITE deploys its unique systems and regional model that focuses on:

  • Employers – to galvanize industry leaders and channel industry resources, time and talent.
  • Collaboration – facilitating performance-based partnerships among employers, educators and workforce development, leading to more responsive education, training and recruiting
  • Programming – that ignites interest and builds the skills, knowledge, experiences, and connections necessary to pursue a career in IT

Building a diverse, highly skilled IT workforce that regional employers need is an economic imperative for Northeast Ohio. This vision, widely shared by a network of employers and key stakeholders that RITE has been nurturing since 2010, is the focus of RITE’s strategic plan: Shaping the Future of the IT Workforce. The plan provides a blueprint for RITE’s work to attract, prepare and place IT talent and its role as a platform for regional collaboration and collective action.

Our Impact

RITE responds to the demands of Northeast Ohio’s changing economy by providing:

  • A more informed, diverse and prepared IT workforce
  • Improved partnerships and focused action between employers, educators and workforce development practitioners
  • Successful career pathways and new opportunities for students
  • Greater alignment and higher returns from investments.

Since our beginning, we have engaged over 100 employers, eight institutions of higher education, and more than 149 high schools – impacting nearly 4,000 students.

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